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Happening Sofa

Instant, generous comfort

Designer Mauro Lipparini · 2022

The name says it all: Happening has a generous spirit, and is open and exuberant. It takes traces of the past and fuses them with contemporary designs, in response to today’s need to kick back and live our homes to the full. A comfy sofa that moves away from rigid paradigms to invite you in and give a sense of immediate comfort. Tailored accents in both the linear and dotted-effect patterns give the surfaces their identity. These details emphasise the soft composure of the upholstery work. Happening allows you to create different elements that can be combined together: linear sofas, side sofas, trapezoid sofas and chaise longue units. Three different models of the Happening armchair that echo the same shapes and sizes complete the collection.

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large white corner sofa | Happening Sofa | LAGO

Versatile designs

The seats and backrests merge into one in a uniquely versatile design: Happening is free of any formal constraints and unfolds in the form of linear sofas, side sofas, chaise units, trapezoidal units, chaise longues and armchairs.

sofa with soft upholstery | Happening Sofa | LAGO

Tailored accents and dotted effects

Carefully placed tucks and stitches give the surfaces their identity, emphasising the soft composure of the upholstery work.

soft brown sofa | Happening Sofa | LAGO

An ultra-soft and inviting feel

A selected, certified goose-down lining is what gives this sofa its ultra-soft and inviting feel. A combination of sumptuous materials gives a sense of importance to the seats and backrests, morphing into a carefree expression of daily rest & relaxation.

A selection of the best variants

comfy grey sofa | Happening Sofa | LAGO

Happening Sofa


comfy brown modular sofa | Happening Sofa | LAGO

Happening Sofa


Happening Sofa 1485-1 | LAGO

Happening Sofa


Materials and finishes
The wide choice of colours and textures allows you to express furniture designed on your personality. Excellent materials and solutions guarantee products of timeless beauty.
All technical materials of the Happening Sofa

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